Many Hoteliers see Hotel Management as Science whilst Many Hoteliers describe Hotel Management as an Art. What do you think? (carry on reading or watch the video)

In any discussion to conclude whether Hotel Management is an Art or a Science, we must understand the features and meanings of both Science and Art and compare them with Hotel Management’s features?

Science is often defined as a systematic and organised body of knowledge based on logically observed findings, facts and events?

Art can be defined as systematic body of knowledge which requires skill, creativity and practice to get perfection?

Science comprises of exact principles which can be verified and it can establish cause and effect relations?

To me, a Hotel Science would be about following rules.  There are some rules that can be followed in Hotel Management …. Perhaps too much of what a Hotel Manager does is out of their control to truly see it as a Science?

Art is about creating.  You do need to create to be a good Hotel Manager; perhaps more so in some styles and types of hotels than others?

Perhaps, we need to balance Art and Science to become a Hotelier, but begin with a little of both? Science and Art are not in contrast to each other; perhaps both exist together in every Department within a Hotel?

Maybe some functions of Hotel Management are more Scientific, say Rooms Revenue and Finance; Maybe some functions are more Artistic, say Fine Dining or Events? Perhaps for the sakes of argument we should conclude that Hotel Management is both an art and a science?  

What do you think? Is What you do more of an Art or a Science or is it both?

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