Would you REALLY make a GOOD Hotel Manager?

I thought I would write a bit about the Hotel Management Role, following on from what I said yesterday, for those of you who are un-decided as to whether to apply for a job (please read on or watch the video).

Do you REALLY  Want to Do the Bigger Things? From my own experience the principal advantage of Hotel Management is that you get to do bigger things around the Hotel. Of course you can still be part of teams and contribute to group goals, but it feels different when you are in charge of the team. Frankly, it feels wonderful.

Do you REALLY Want to Plan things? Another difference between managers and other workers around the Hotel is Planning. As a Hotel Manager you need to Plan the work that needs to be carried out. You have more Planning to carry out the higher you rise up the management structure. Planning means envisioning work to actually make it come true?

Do you REALLY Want to Control things? What this means primarily in a Hotel is that there are costs REALLY to control – a Hotel has many costs to control including the People who work in the Hotel and the items needed to keep the Hotel operating. With these costs will be the pressures to make the right decisions. Do you think you can deal with the pressure?

Do you REALLY REALLY want to Control things? Another aspect of control for a Hotel Manager is accountability. Whilst Hotel Managers might make decisions; they have to take responsibility for anything they decide. If you make a decision and it doesn’t work out, expect to have to explain yourself. Make enough bad decisions, without explanation, and you’ll lose your Job!

Do you REALLY Want to Work with People? It sounds obvious, but I’ll say it here anyway: Being a Hotel Manager is about REALLY working with people.

In a Hotel that’s what Management is all about: getting results through other people. Some people mistakenly believe that a management position within a Hotel can be carried out from an Office?

What you perhaps need to appreciate is that there is a change in the skills you need and the things you spend your time on as you become a Hotel Manager.

Lower level jobs require you to be REALLY good at the technology. Higher level jobs require you to be REALLY good at project leadership: but all Hotel Managers should be REALLY capable to bring out people’s strengths, communicating with and influencing their teams.

Being a Hotel Manager means spending less time on technical things. If you REALLY enjoy doing the technical things, don’t become a Hotel Manager?

You become a good Hotel Manager by being able to get things accomplished through other people. Hotel Management is REALLY more of a people skill — not a technical skill?


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