Hotel Manager Tip No. 1 : Gradually shift your mental focus …… (please read on or watch the video)

6 Reasons Hotel Employees DON’T TALK to their Hotel Managers.

  1. Hotels can have a Cold Professional Culture. Caring happens outside Hotels.
  2. Hotel Managers are too Talkative.
  3. Curiosity about Hotel Employees is rare.
  4. Intimidating Hotels. What’s in your Department that shouts, “Let’s have a conversation?”
  5. Hospitality Business Environments. Hotels value results over relationships.
  6. Insecure Hotel Managers. When Hotel Managers are uncomfortable, everyone around them is uncomfortable.

Successful Hotel Managers have discussions with their staff. Talking points for a successful one-on-one at work:

Imagine your best day at work. What are you doing? Not doing? If your best day at work is a 10, how would you rate your typical day? How could I help? (Only ask this question if you are prepared to help or to find someone who can.)

Seek Feedback:

Choose one of the following questions at the end of your one-on-one.

  1. How might our next one-on-one be a little better than this one?
  2. If I was a better Hotel Manager – what would be true?

Hotel Manager Tip No. 1 : Gradually shift your mental focus from worrying about yourself to caring about others.

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