Most Hotel Managers could improve how they are perceived to be doing by their Hotel teams with just a few small alterations (carry on reading or watch the video).

Simply wishing team members a “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” could make all the difference to the beginning of a shift which is worrying a member of staff.

Further-more asking “How are you?” would suggest to the people involved that you care – as long as you say it genuinely and wait to become involved with the response.

We are not often told that we are doing a “Good Job”. Try it; I think you will be surprised at what an impact it has when you are around. I still remember today people paying me a compliment years ago.

If you have changes to be made, ask for suggestions from your team and then suggest “Go on, give it a go”. Do not progress with unworkable ideas; but allow teams to solve their own.

If things do not work out the strongest Hotel Manager should admit “That was my mistake” to their teams and host a conversation with team members as to what could have been done differently if you had the time again.

How often are you thanked for your work? Saying “Thank you” after shifts and for other reasons will be appreciated. I used to regularly come in on my days off and nobody ever acknowledged me; I would have been shocked if they had.

On a regular basis Give Feedback (not just at appraisals) stating “Here’s my feedback”. It will be appreciated as long as it is carried out professionally and with thought.

Asking Individuals “What do you think?” is rarely carried out by our Hotel Managers who want to be fully in charge and feel this activity as a weakness. Go on, try it and see how your team members react to it.

Finally try these next two if you are really trying to be different; speak to your team and tell them “this is what we are trying to achieve”. Talk about this as frequently as possible; don’t use it as an opportunity for a moan – use it as an opportunity to discuss and get help.

And finally Ha Ha Ha. Don’t laugh at your staff, learn to laugh with them. You have to be able to separate yourself when needed; but go on, have a laugh whenever you can. Work will be more enjoyable and I think you will find your team will have less time off as well.

By far from being the ultimate list; I think you will find that those Hotel Managers who make an attempt to carefully introduce this list into their behaviours will gradually gain more from both their work and their teams – Go on try them.

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