Hotel Managers should Listen More and Talk Less…

Would you Like to be a Powerful Communicator within your Hotel? Of course you would. You will achieve more and use less energy. Simple rules should be followed if you want to develop better and more rewarding relationships with People within your Hotel (read on or watch the video).

Critically, Listen more than you Speak I once received a review where my Manager spoke 50 minutes of the hour. Instead ask questions to draw out information. Read between the lines. Understand the real meaning of what is being said.

Build the Relationship first – Always “Good Morning, How is your Shift going?” The effect of relationship building is great; it shows you care – regardless of how busy you all are.

Know what you are talking about Don’t talk about things for which you have no understanding; it is needed to gain people’s respect. If people don’t respect your knowledge they are less likely to listen to you let alone be influenced.

Focus on Understanding what the other person is saying Don’t spend time preparing your response while the other person is talking. Focus on Listening and Understanding. If you hear the voice in your head talking – concentrate!

Use a Feedback Loop “This is what I understand you said”. And repeat how you thought the person’s message went. With important messages ask the person whether you have understood their message correctly.

Listen to Non-Verbal Communications others Exhibit Body Language and Facial Expressions are both powerful communicators. Tone of Voice. Their closeness to you. How they stand. Great Communicators listen with their Eyes.

Open your Mind to New Ideas Don’t reject ideas immediately. Pause and consider what the person is really saying to you. Really consider what might work in the Hotel.

All Communication will go better if you are Trusted People will not tell you their real opinions or involve you if they do not trust you. If your colleagues fear that you will make them feel stupid you are less likely to be involved.

Use “I” rather than “You” Learn to develop powerful “I” messages. You really messed up that Check-out” is far less effective than “I was upset seeing you interact with that Guest during check-out for these reasons….”

Wait to Give Critical or Controversial Feedback If you are upset, wait 24 hours before communicating a message; of course this is not always possible. Pause before communicating and develop a Powerful “I” message.

I was pleased that you read all of today’s important discussion; if you think about what I said, I genuinely believe it will help you to be a Stronger Communicator within your Hotel. Tell me what you think?

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