Every employee working in your Hotel expects to be appreciated for their work and for the efforts they put in shift after shift for the success of their Hotel (read on or watch the video).

Employee recognition is a process through which Hotel Managers, Hotel Supervisors or Hotel owners should make a conscious effort to reward their employees; not just to acknowledge their work but also to motivate them to continue with the same behaviour in the future.

There is absolutely no one in the Hotel who doesn’t like being rewarded and recognised for their hard work. Employee recognition is the acknowledgement of that hard work and any behaviour at the Hotel that has contributed to the Hotel’s success and objectives in some way.

Here are two simple ways how a Hotelier can recognise the efforts of their workers straight-away:

·       Day-to-day informal recognition – It is important to motivate and encourage employees to perform well on an everyday basis and not just occasionally. During a shift use small words of praise to encourage and as a constant motivator. Your employees will feel encouraged for their efforts and would be more likely to maintain a positive effort within their Hotel.

·       More formal recognition is the kind of recognition which goes beyond that given during the shift. Special acknowledgement or words of praise in front of teams can go a long way in boosting the morale of the hotel employees. Perhaps during briefings or team meetings.

Hotel Employee recognition becomes the responsibility of every Hotel Leader to make sure there is a proper level of motivation in their place of work.

Employee Recognition Encourages Engagement – recognition of your employee’s efforts or hard work can encourage good performance of individuals and inspire better overall performance where you work. When one gets some form of praise, we all automatically try to give the same level of performance and improve efforts further.

The simple gesture of praising or rewarding your employees at work can have a direct impact on your Hotel’s or Department’s Profit and can simply lead to better overall results.

When one is recognised for hard work, we tend to become more loyal towards the Hotel Manager or Leader who has provided it for you. This is something that can help to retain important and skilled employees.

The more your employees feel encouraged and valued, the more they will be supportive to your cause, hence building a supportive and active work environment.

When an employee hears a word of recognition for their services, they begin to feel a greater sense of belonging and ownership for the Hotel, which further improves performance.

Potential criteria for offering a reward could be excellence in performance; peer-to-peer communications; leadership qualities; personal accomplishments; team accomplishments.

Always be fair and unbiased in your approach to delivering feedback; be clear and transparent about their delivery; often at the end of the shift, sometimes during it; it is the appreciation and recognition of efforts that matters the most to employees.

Now that you know how important appearing grateful to your workers can be, you must consider putting more effort in yourself for your Hotel or Hotel Department.

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