Today in a Hotel there are so many things that can get hard working people into trouble at work. Honest mistakes sometimes caused by in-experience (carry on reading or watch the video):

Mistakes That Could Get You in Trouble in a Hotel:

1. Over-promising and under-delivering Only ever accept jobs that you are qualified for and in which you have complete confidence in completing.

2. Negativity You should always be optimistic and positive while working and try not to talk bad about your fellow employees and do not complain about your job.

3. Solicitation Try to keep a barrier between professional and personal life. This is the basic value that every working Manager should follow at any Hotel.

4. Low emotional intelligence Even if you are not emotionally equipped to handle others, try to be nice to everyone as much as possible, even those people that you dislike.

5. Misusing company supplies and resources Never take company materials and supplies for your own personal use. Under Hotel regulations, this would be considered as cheating.

6. Speaking on behalf of the Hotel Stating your personal opinion to the public in the name of Hotel’s views should not be done as it is considered as a misuse of Hotel policy and company authority.

7. Not being a team player Being a team player is an essential part of Hotel life. Try to be compatible with everyone as much as possible as this will not only make your work easier, but also make other’s work easier.

8. Misuse of social media Consider that you are the representative of your company and when you post something derogatory or offensive you are in turn tarnishing the name of your Hotel. So always think twice before posting derogatory content or posts.

9. Dealing with love interest at work Try not to mingle your love life and personal choices when working. This will create tension between you and your colleagues and it will also be a topic for others to gossip about.

10. Keeping secrets from your boss Whenever you are faced with a dilemma, try to inform your Manager and do not keep it as a secret. Do not keep anything to yourself especially when it is about the Hotel.

11. Making decisions that aren’t yours Unless absolutely necessary, if you do not have the power to make important decisions, try to find someone else who has the authority and give them the opportunity to make the decision.

People usually think that these mistakes can be easily escaped from and do not think much about the consequence they have on the Hotel.

Always follow the Hotel rules and regulations.

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