In any Hotel, our aim should be good leadership, as it is required for both growth and success. For this reason, the position of a General Manager and Operations Manager could be considered paramount (carry on reading or watch the post).

But what is the nature of the job of Hotel Operations Managers and Hotel General Managers that make them so important? What is the difference between Hotel Operations Managers and Hotel General Managers?

Hotel General Managers are a part of a lot of activities in the Hotel. They manage all the portions of the Hotel. Administrative services, human resources, operations, policies and procedures and accounts are just some areas where Hotel General Managers are directly or indirectly involved. For this reason, Hotel General Managers are normally required in a Hotel.

Looking at human resources, a Hotel General Manager often has the responsibility of recruiting, training and selecting senior candidates, with the help of the human resource department of the Hotel. When the human resource department is in charge of recruiting, the Hotel General Manager ensures that the quality of Hotel training is maintained to a certain level. A Hotel General Manager may also participate in evaluating the performance or reviewing the feedback of Hotel employees.

Another important role of the Hotel General Manager can be that of a communication link between the Hotel management and its staff. Reviewing and monitoring the performance of the Hotel employees and directing them to the goals and targets of the Hotel is often the job of a General Manager.

The roles and responsibility of a Hotel Operations Manager are very similar to that of a Hotel General Manager in many ways.

Hotel Operations Managers might decide upon efficient strategies for the profit and financial growth of the Hotel. A Hotel Operations Manager works in tandem with the finance department, human resource department, accounts department and many other such departments within the Hotel.

A Hotel Operations Manager might be responsible for increasing the efficiency of a Hotel’s product and services. For this reason, Hotel Operations Managers maintain discipline among the employees and motivate them to improve their output.

In terms of production, Hotel Operations Managers might make financial decisions for purchasing items and manage the Hotel’s budget. If they find new techniques to improve the performance of their employees, they implement them.

Hotel Operations Managers may deal with the queries and grievances of customers of the Hotel, related to the products and services offered.

While the roles of a Hotel General Manager and Hotel Operations Manager are similar, their responsibilities will differ in every Hotel.

A Hotel General Manager is responsible for all the aspects of the Hotel, while a Hotel Operations Manager is responsible for the aspects of operations and production within the Hotel.

Not every Hotel will have a Hotel General Manager and not every Hotel will have an Operations Manager …. but every Hotel will have it’s most senior manager and their deputy. What-ever they are called.

Perhaps, we can say that Hotel General Managers and Hotel Operations Managers (or what ever they are called) will work together to run their Hotel … they will be the same in many ways and different in many ways. What happens will be slightly different in every Hotel environment and because of every culture.

Hotel General Managers are likely to be more experienced than their Deputies and if the Hotel situation is working how it should be … the General Manager will offer their skills to their Deputy as a Coach.

And just remember, what-ever happens, the Hotel General Manager will be paid more than their Deputy General Manager and never forget the General Manager is simply more powerful than the Operations Manager.

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