Reception is the art of receiving. Welcoming entrances and reception areas provides the best guidance for a Hotel guest on “what to expect”. The Front Desk at a Hotel creates the first and the last impressions in their minds (read on or watch the video).

An efficient and friendly welcome from Reception staff can make all the difference. The entrance and reception areas are the first aspects of a Hotel that many guests encounter and will also be the natural hub of the Hotel.

The availability of professional staff to meet, greet and assist Hotel Guests and visitors is very important.

Hotel Guests can be tired and emotionally disturbed when they enter Hotels and Reception staff need to show some respect and empathy, always greeting with a smile, both of which can make all the difference.

Why do we think that the Hotel guest returns to the same Hotel? Is it the Manager’s skill, trust or expertise? Is it the special food and drink available or the comfortable bedroom at the Hotel?

Or is it the good communication skills and emotional connection at the front desk and the concierge that really makes all the difference?

When I stay in Hotels, the way I am received and welcomed reassures me and gives me a confident feeling that I am in safe hands.

If the Reception Team get it right, I am reassured from the beginning, I am more likely to enjoy my experience.

I have been apprehensive and nervous when I have stepped in to Hotels after a journey. When the Reception Team has not bothered to even listen to me this has triggered irritation from the start of my journey within that Hotel.

If the Reception Team get it wrong, I am worried from the beginning, I seldom return.

Hotel Receptionists need to be resourceful and create First Impressions. Hotel Receptionists need to be flexible and must possess Organizational Skills. And of-course be great Communicators, both face to face, on the telephone and using a range of Information Technology.

Do you think A Hotel Receptionist is the most important person in a Hotel?  

Let me know. And please share with others who might have an opinion on this topic.

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