Hotel Rooms Managers and Leaders should put their Team members first …. (carry on reading or watch the video) as a considerable part of effective Hotel Rooms Management requires building and inspiring a team to perform a given task.

Strong Rooms Managers understand the strengths of their team members and should have a clear vision and then be able to follow this up by explaining to the team members what their individual roles are in realising the vision?

A good Hotel Rooms Manager should be able to clearly communicate all of this, setting up the team to achieve their personal and overall goals. Empowering team members to get on and deliver work is an important part of making it all happen. Empowering people involves trust. Part of the process for high-quality Rooms Managers involves delegating tasks, as they plainly cannot do everything in a Hotel themselves.

Effective delegation involves defining what you want each team member to do. This requires clear explanation and instruction, followed by checking they understand?

The Rooms Manager needs to explain frequently what is required, to what standard and by when? Part of this includes having a clear understanding of the skills of each team member.

As the Team progresses, in addition to setting direction and taking decisions, the Rooms Manager should assist resolving any conflicts and importantly, help encourage cooperation within their teams.

Other simple behaviours should be adopted like smiling, being courteous and generally being friendly … simple but they go a long way.

A Rooms Manager should aim to motivate and inspire employees within their Rooms Division. A large part of this is about remaining positive and optimistic, a difficult job in many situations around the tough Hotel.

Perhaps a team’s purpose and objectives need re-phrasing so people can better understand. Rooms Managers should encourage and support others, particularly in tough Hotel times.

Lead by example. Be conscious of how others see you? What’s your behaviour like? How do you come across and how do you address people? A big part of leading Hotel Rooms Division, and leadership more broadly, is all about behaviour and as a leader people will look and judge you by yours. Do you sound and act like a leader? How upbeat, positive and ‘can-do’ are you?

Inspiring others is also about leading from a Rooms perspective? In a hospitality environment, those who are technically strong tend to get lots of respect.

Corresponding to this, there are things you can do such as asking pertinent questions, paying attention to detail, showing interest in others’ technical work and staying on top of your own continued professional development. Work hard and show determination. Inspire others to want to behave like you?

And finally, Motivation – Hoteliers have a fundamental responsibility to motivate their employees, particularly during challenging times (check-in or check-out perhaps?). There are a range of simple ways to motivate people. Consider praise, recognition and attention. People appreciate a word of thanks for a job well done. Deliver praise in person, face to face. Show appreciation on behalf of the Hotel.

Hotel Rooms Managers and Leaders should put their Team members first ….

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