As a Young Hotel Worker, I was expected to be self-confident during every shift in my Hotel – but did I always feel confident? Of course I didn’t (carry on reading or watch the video).

When I was younger, sometimes my shift was just like one big scary story – moving from one frightening incident to the next.  

My confidence could change during the shift as time progressed around the Hotel – I could be happy and preforming strongly one minute and struggling the next. And a lot of this was completely out of my control or just bad luck.

Early on in my career I met a Hotel Manager who taught me how to boost my self-confidence with almost magical power and I am sharing these tips with you now.

If I wanted to boost my self-confidence quickly here are some things that I was told to do:

Think what you have achieved?

To help you feel more confident and have a more positive view of yourself, make a list of your greatest ever achievements including your greatest skills, work experiences, strongest personality traits, what others like about you, what has brought you success and what challenges you have overcome?

Write them down on a piece of paper if you want. Keep the piece of paper in your pocket if you feel insecure around the Hotel.

I kept a similar piece of paper in my pocket for 5 years.

Fill this in and keep it in your pocket

When I felt low, I would spend 20 seconds thinking about the content of the piece of paper.

I was also advised to Identify in my mind a person who I thought was self-confident and think about how they acted and behaved and imagined how they thought? I used to think of my Head Chef or my Hotel General Manager?

I was told to try acting and behaving like either of them and thinking in a confident way (like they would); it was amazing how it made me feel?

If I was in a difficult situation around the Hotel – I was told to think about successful outcomes to the truly difficult situation — I was advised that if I thought that something would be a success, it would more likely be a success. It did nearly always.

If I had the time, I closed my eyes and spent 20 seconds imagining my shift as successful as it could possibly become and was surprised how confident it would make me feel. I would do this in my staff restaurant or by my locker.

Feeling anxious and nervous is completely natural. If you start to think that these feelings are natural and positive you will start to feel more confident in all situations.

Finally, I was advised, whenever I had some spare time after a shift was over, to build my confidence, to review the shift. Think about situations during the shift when I had felt confident and when I had felt less confident around the Hotel. I have thought about what went well, what did not go so well and what I would do differently next time like this for years.

How you think around the Hotel, impacts how you feel and what you do? Therefore, when you are feeling anxious during a Hotel shift it is important to try and impact the way you are thinking – Not everybody enjoys doing this, but it worked for me …

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