A Hotel Management position can be an exciting opportunity and a terrifying one; whether you are overseeing just a small group or hundreds of employees in a Hotel (carry on reading or watch the video).

While it might seem glamorous, being a Hotel Manager means working longer and harder hours, making tougher decisions and carrying out unpleasant tasks like disciplining your employees. It can also take away precious time from your family and your personal interests – and generate extra stress. So why bother become a Hotel Manager?

Perhaps you’re one of those people who say that money isn’t everything when it comes to your career decisions, but the truth is that management always pays more. And it should. Consider this: a higher salary or receiving bonus means that you might be able to take an enjoyable vacation and eventually have your own family home. Only you can say whether you want the money or the personal time?

Many Hotel Managers find the opportunity to influence the direction of their Department or their Hotel to be very exciting. You are far more likely to influence your workplace by becoming a Manager. Think about having the opportunity to make your workplace special? Chances are, if you try hard enough, you could make the place where you work both inspiring and fulfilling for those who spend time there.

As a Hotel Manager, not only do you need to be an expert in your field to lead your colleagues and make decisions, but you should learn about what skills are needed to be a Manager in your hospitality industry. This requires for you to become a continuous learner – which means that you’re the one who needs to be doing research, attending conferences and taking the classes. But, this personal growth can be extremely rewarding.

It may not happen at the very beginning, but eventually you will be in control of big decisions – which can be highly exciting and hugely rewarding if you can keep on motivating yourself not to give up. It can be exciting to guide the direction of your department or Hotel if you have the power to make decisions. If you can help make policies and design working schedules it can be rewarding.

As a Hotel Manager, you’re likely to be a mentor. Your employees look to you for guidance and feedback. If you’re a good Hotel Manager, you’ll help your team members set goals and reward them for reaching those goals.

Your workers will be able to participate in the success of the department or Hotel and will take pride in what they’ve accomplished. For some, this can be a greater reward than any other found at the Hotel.

Few things are more rewarding than playing a lead role in your Department or Hotel, whether it’s a busy shift or a large business project for the Hotel organisation.

As a Hotel Manager, you often have the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day operations of the Hotel and focus on what larger things you’re trying to accomplish, more than other employees do.

Not everybody wants to be a Hotel Manager? You might not be ready yet or you simply do not want the extra responsibility because of what is happening in the rest of your life?

But, think about it …..


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