You had all these big ideas a few years ago and you have not achieved any of them – Why not? ( read on or watch the video). Your ideas were to get a promotion and earn more money. But it simply did not happen. Why not?

Perhaps you need to put some more detailed thought into it? Go on think about it today or tomorrow…. Think about it … with your Manager … over a coffee … with your Human Resource Manager … over a sandwich on your own … chatting with a friend …. with your mentor … looking up at the stars?

Regardless of the Department or the Company you are working in “What skills must you have for your job or the job that you want to be doing?” Do you have them?

Whether you are you a Hotel worker or want to become a Hotel worker? Can you fold a Napkin? Can you make a Bechamel and a Minestrone Soup? Are your Dangerous Chemicals safe? Could you smile during a busy shift? Can you use your spreadsheets?  Maybe there are dozens of them? Each only taking a short period to understand.

Whether you are you a Hotel supervisor or want to become a Hotel Supervisor? Can you motivate others? Are you commercially aware? Can you manage people? Could you contribute in a Meeting? Could you help during an emergency – help with a fire evacuation – save somebody’s life? Maybe there are just a small number? Each requiring much longer to appreciate.

Whether you are a Hotel Manager or want to become a Hotel Manager? Do you have emotional intelligence? Can you manage ambiguity? And what about your Organization Skills? Do you really understand that Profit & Loss? Talk to the cameras? Write that report? Perhaps there is just one? Each potentially taking a long time to understand.

Make it a point to really step back and analyze where you are now, and where you want to be over the short – and long-term. What steps do you need to make that happen? Maybe use job descriptions and person specifications to see what is needed?

Think about realistic steps to achieving what you want to achieve? Create a list. Turn it into a plan.

Things are changing so quickly, perhaps there is no point planning more than 3 or 5 years into the future? The World is Chaotic compared to the way it was 50 or even 25 years ago. Everything will have changed completely again in another 25 years. The only constant is change.

So where does this leave us? Is creating a plan worth it? Is it a positive and necessary step towards success?

The answer is there is not any magical thing that will automatically set you up for success – but it is far more likely to happen if you think about it and make your plan.

Setting goals and creating a plan will certainly help. But do not forget that once you’ve identified what you want you need to personally make it happen; You need to get up and do it.

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