Who are Human Resources? Are they the Good? Or are they Bad? Do we need them? Are they a waste of Money? (carry on reading or watch the video)

Regardless of what People Managers (Human Resources Managers or Personnel Managers) are called in your Hotel and how they are organised, Human Resources normally perform the following six essential functions (and many others besides)

Recruitment They advertise jobs that are available in your Hotel, find candidates, look at the applicants’ suitability and often help conduct interviews. Hotel Personnel Managers coordinate efforts with other Hotel Managers responsible for making the final selection of job candidates.

Safety Workplace safety is always an important factor in Hotels. We all have an obligation to provide a safe working environment for employees. Large Hotels will have Human Resources safety and risk specialists. Personnel Departments often carry out Health and Safety Training around the Hotel.

Training and Development Employers must provide employees with the training for their success – particularly induction and professional development. Hotel Human Resources Departments will co-ordinate Hotel, Training and Development across the Hotel, often working closely with the Departmental Managers here.

Employee Relations Particularly important in more unionised work environments. Employee Relations is concerned with strengthening the relationships in the Hotel between the employer and the employees. They help to ensure job satisfaction and resolve workplace conflicts.

Compensation and Benefits Responsibilities include setting pay structures. Payroll levels can be part of Human Resources and Hotel Senior Managers; however, this is often carried out by Accounts or an outside company.

Compliance Complying with employment laws within your Country is a critical Human Resources function. Non-compliance with the laws in your Country can result in unsafe working conditions and in-happy staff – and ultimately prosecution.

Human Resources (Personnel Managers or People Managers) provide a Hotel with Critical Help in Managing their most Valuable Resources — its Employees.

You make up your Mind whether your Hotel does a good job of this?

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