Have you ever wondered “Am I Working for a Truly Great Hotel?” – I know I have – lots and lots of times; as I sat there checking people in and out, frying eggs at 6.00 a.m. or cleaning behind the bar at the end of a shift. “Am I?” (carry on reading or watch the video)

Ask yourself just 5 simple questions?

  1. Are Hotel Managers Mentors? 

At great Hotels, managers act as coaches and mentors instead of as dictators and enforcers. In these types of Hotels, the role of a manager is simply to remove obstacles from the paths of an employee so that the employee can succeed and grow. Unlike traditional Hotels where managers sit at the top of the pyramid and wield their power, in great Hotels managers sit at the bottom and help push people up to the top.

  1. Is Vulnerability seen as a Strength or a Weakness in my Hotel?

At the typical Hotel vulnerability is seen a major weakness that others can exploit. You never want to admit you don’t know something because you will be perceived as being frail or stupid. Great Hotels embrace and encourage vulnerability, which allows employees and managers to be who they truly are. If your Hotel allows you to be whom you are then that’s a sign you may be working for a truly great company?

  1. Is Transparency the Rule or the Exception? 

In most Hotels you get access to information on a “need to know” basis. Those who sit at the top of the Hotel control the information and everyone else gets bits and pieces of it when deemed necessary. This makes communication, collaboration and, most importantly, trust, very difficult. In great Hotels we have the exact opposite – more employees have access to any information they need and want to have access to. If your Hotel believes in and practices transparency, then that’s a sign you may be working at a truly great Hotel.

  1. Is there Investment in the Employee Experience?

Employee Experience is the idea of creating an Hotel where people actually want to show up to their shift, not where they need to show up. The experience is comprised of the physical, cultural and technological environments that make up the Hotel. If you are working at an Hotel that cares about designing employee experiences, then that’s a great sign you are working at a truly great Hotel.

  1. Does your Hotel Operate Like A Lab or A Factory?

Factories are great at one thing – they are great at keeping everything the same while focusing on improving efficiency and productivity. This is why robots are so great for factories! This is how most of our Hotels around the world operate and it does not work anymore.

However great Hotels think of themselves like laboratories, where employee can test ideas, experiment, embrace failure, take risks and learn new things. If your Hotel operates more like a lab and less like a factory, then chances are you are working for a truly great Hotel?

These are five of the common themes that emerge at Great Hotels around the world regardless of the size, geography or market that they are in?

Do you work for a truly great company? How can you tell?

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