Unfortunately, every Hotel Manager in every Hotel, must make Tough decisions all of the time, ranging from issues like – what to do during our Hotel Shift, right up to life-changing decisions for themselves and others (carry on reading or watch the video).

Surprisingly, there are only a few ways you might make a decision around the Hotel …

A Decision by Yourself: Probably the most likely option for small decisions around the Hotel during your shift. If you have received the Training for your work these decisions should not be a problem. If they are – ask for some more training or a mentor.

A Decision by Authority Rule: the appropriate leader or Hotel Manager, makes a decision for the Hotel, Department or Shift Team. Do not worry about making a decision that is not yours to make. Never feel ashamed to ask your own Manager’s or Supervisor’s advice on what to do.

A Decision by Majority Rule: formal voting may take place to find the majority viewpoint for an important issue – perhaps at a team meeting. Feel proud to be asked your opinion in a group meeting.

If you should be making a Decision, there are relatively few problems that can prevent you making an effective decision around the Hotel – these include:

You do not have Enough Information – Take some time to gather the necessary data to inform your decision, even if time is very limited.

You have too Much Information – The opposite problem, having so much information that it is impossible to see what is important and why?

Too Many People. Making decisions within a group or busy work environment is difficult. Everyone has their views (and this slows the process).

Personal Interests often prevent Hotel Decisions being made – these personal interests may create a crucial blockage to a decision being made.

Fear of change – Hotel Managers and others are often very attached to the present situation. Decisions tend to involve the prospect of change, which many people find difficult.

On a final point, if making decisions at work is a problem in the Hotel where you work – a quote from Jimmy Johnson.

“Give people enough guidance to make the decisions you want them to make. Don’t tell them what to do; but encourage them to do what is best.”

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