So what can Hoteliers learn from these people who have truly mastered their chosen area of sporting endeavour?

Having an Aspiration – having a dream and making it as clear and as focused as possible. A sporting medal is a wonderfully ‘clean’ example of an aspiration – it is very specific and easy to measure, with a very clear time-frame for achievement. But how many of us in Hotels can honestly say we have clarified our individual, team, departmental or organisational goals with this level of precision?

A True Awareness of Strength of Performance – their physical, technical and personality strengths – and then decide on a course of action to maximise these strengths and minimise their risks. It may take some time, but it is worth finding our true vocation, the thing that suits our unique combination of assets within Hotels and Hospitality the best. ‘Test out’ different options early on in your career.

Taking Action and gaining Agility in using these Assets This requires a supreme level of commitment and dedication for athletes – and would do for any Hotelier if they are seeking to be good at what they do? Hoteliers need to be single-minded in their pursuit of their goals, seeking out that help that will lead them to achieve them.

Assess your Achievements Of course, this is made easier in the world of being an athlete by way of the medal ceremony. For all Hoteliers who wish to succeed, there is more of a need to analyse what they do; assess progress made, assess the effectiveness of learning and re-assess aspirations. This needs to be done before a Hotelier sets off on the next stage of their journey?

To carry out these stages effectively, individuals, teams and Hotels need to set aside as much time for reflection, discussion and action planning as an Athlete ….. if they want to really Succeed.

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