Over the next three week-ends I will be discussing What I consider to be the 8 most Critical Hotel Management Skills?, one at a time, in a more basic Tabloid manner, as I have been asked by a number of people. Today I will be looking at Motivation (read on or watch the video).

What does Motivation mean in terms of Good Hotel Management and why is it important? Learn that Motivational Skills are needed by the Hotel Manager for the benefits of everybody in their Hotel workplace.

Creating Motivation is a crucial skill for a strong Hotel Manager. Hotel Leaders believe that the Hotel’s employees are their greatest asset and truly believe that workers should be motivated at work. Hotel workers are human beings and deserve to be happy. Good Hotel Managers who can motivate their employees are also true assets to their company. This type of approach to work, not only increases productivity and employee satisfaction, but it sets a good example to others as well.

You may wonder if anyone will notice if you don’t create Motivation around the Hotel. It turns out everyone will, productivity and efficiency would be affected as would Profitability and Occupancy eventually.

Essentially, Hotel Worker Motivation is about understanding your workers and appreciating them for having lives away from the Hotel. Always think about how your behaviour will be perceived by people who work for you and altering it accordingly.

Highlight your ability to Motivate on your resume by discussing times when you have empowered others to take ownership of their work and discussing occasions when you have created a shift full of energetic workers.

Understanding and Displaying Good Motivational Skills will help you to position yourself for a successful Hotel Management Career, regardless of where you are working Globally and what level of your career you are at.

Remember Friday 26th.October I looked at Professionalism and Saturday 27th. October I looked at Team-Building. Next Friday, 2nd. November I will be moving on to Problem Solving

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