New Hotel Managers often absolutely comply with orders given “to them” and expect absolute compliance to any order given “by them”, but they learn with experience that “compliance” is not the same as “commitment” (carry on reading or watch the video).

If workers in the Hotel aren’t committed to an instruction, they don’t take the initiative on the topic in the future, experts tell us. And if workers in the Hotel aren’t taking the initiative, the Hotel Manager cannot be effective controlling in the Hotel from shift to shift.

The challenge for Hotel Managers is to nurture a strong sense of common commitment to shared goals – rather than one of blind allegiance to what they personally dictate. This is where the confusion about Management Control often is held.

New Hotel Managers often misunderstand how important the concept of Management Control actually is in the Hotel.

Perhaps it is because new Hotel Managers are often insecure in their new roles, particularly in those early days of their careers.

Becoming a Hotel Manager is not about simply becoming a Boss. It is though partially Learning about Control. 

Good Hotel Management has been thoroughly studied, written about and is widely understood.

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