The Greatest Hotel General Manager?

Our General Manager believed her role was to learn and understand how her Hotel worked – she was already the Finest Hotel General Manager in one of the Busiest Hotels in the City? (read on or watch the video)

Min dealt with her Hotel business in a systemic way and had established strategic focus, quality standards and her systematic management procedures would oversee both day-to-day and longer-term issues with ease….

Min fluently communicated and lead her business – never switching off – never drifting away. Bringing the best out in others. Standing up and speaking up when relevant – Was there a better way?

General Manager Min was able to clearly and concisely describe our Hotel’s vision, strategy, tactics and what was expected from others – her talks were contagious.

Hotel Management success was created by Min managing a budget that was in line with the goals of her Organization’s Senior Hotel Management. Min had the confidence to take risks.

Min was both liked and respected by those within the Hotel, the local business community and other stakeholders. Min appreciated everybody who worked for her – all of whom were allowed to get on with their work – once they were ready.

Ensuring performance was monitored and measured, Min ensured each of her resources was used as effectively and as efficiently as it could have been.

Min ensured the Hotel’s Rooms had the capacity to survive any kind of failure and become strong again. Food and Beverage was fresh and desired. Min’s Managers were all experts – specialists in their fields.

It goes without saying Min had charisma, could motivate others, inspire and empower…. she had a dedication to building her community inside and outside of her Hotel.

Continually developing her people, coaching them to become top performers; she valued and celebrated differences, formed alliances and negotiated effectively. She had a collaborative style.

General Manager Min approached problem solving logically, researching available options, avoiding biases and focusing on meaningful data to draw the right conclusions – even when she was under pressure.

Min’s Financial Skills lead to skilful decisions being made – accurately predicting revenues and costs.

Daily life for Min meant Communicating, Professionalism, Project Management, Multi-Tasking and prioritising dozens of duties at once.

Of course, her Technical skills were brilliant – she was continuously learning how to use new hardware and software.

Oh – and by the way she was always walking about her Hotel, talking to people, the right people, at the right time in the right place. Min dealt with politics as she protected her Hotel’s reputation.

Min was the strongest Hotel General Manager that I have ever met and was the Eyes and Ears of her Hotel.

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