Without these Customer Service Skills, you run a risk of finding yourself in an embarrassing situation in Hotels, or simply losing customers as your service continues to let people down…. (read on or watch the video)

Patience If you don’t see this near the top of a customer service skills list, you should just stop reading. If you deal with customers on a daily basis, be sure to stay patient when they come to you confused and frustrated.

Attentiveness The ability to really listen to customers is crucial. Not only is it important to pay attention to individual customer interactions, but it’s also important to be attentive to the feedback that you receive from them. “What are your customers telling you without saying it?”

Clear Communication Skills For all of the people who love to ramble on (like me!), you need to listen up! Make sure you’re getting to the problem at hand quickly; customers don’t need your life story or to hear about how your day is going. Keep it simple and leave nothing to doubt.

Knowledge of the Product You must have a deep knowledge of how your products and services work; specifically from the perspective of how the customer who uses it every-day would see it. Without knowing this you will not be able to help customers when they run into problems.

Ability to Use “Positive Language” Sounds like nonsense, but your ability to make minor changes in your conversational patterns can truly go a long way. Language is an important part of persuasion, and guests create perceptions about you based on the language you use.

Acting Skills Let’s be honest here … sometimes you’re going to come across people in situations outside of your control that you’ll never be able to make happy. We all need those basic acting skills to maintain our cheery persona in spite of dealing with people are just plain grumpy.

Ability to “Read” Customers You won’t always be able to see customers face-to-face, and in many instances (nowadays) you won’t even hear a customer’s voice! But you must be able to “read” the customer’s current emotional state. This skill is essential.

A Calming Presence There’s a lot of metaphors for this type of personality: “keeps their cool,” “staying cool under pressure,” etc., but it all represents the same thing… the ability that some people have to stay calm and influence others when things get a little hectic in the Hotel.

Ability to Handle Surprises Sometimes the customer support world is going to throw you a surprise. You have to be able to think on your feet. Who will you go to when the situation is out of your league? What will you send to this person? How are you going to contact them?

Closing Ability Being able to close with a customer means being able to end the conversation with confirmed satisfaction (or as close to it as you can achieve) and with the customer feeling that everything has been taken care of (or will be). Your willingness to do this shows a customer that you care about getting it right, that you’re willing to keep going until you get it right and that the customer is the one who determines what “right” is.

If you came across this article and read all the way to the bottom, and are working in the Hospitality Industry, you likely already have this skill (nice!). Well done….

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