Within the world of Hotel Management, there is a well-established hierarchy. General Managers are in charge – Assistant Managers are their back-up (carry on read in or watch the video).

Hotel General Manager are Captains of the Ship – Think of the Hotel G.M. like a Movie Director. He or she oversees all details of organizing of a production; which might often feel like herding cats?

Assistant Managers help the G.M.Assistant Managers will be called upon to perform a variety of tasks and should be prepared to help the G.M. when needed.

People skills are important for both roles; it would be difficult to do either jobs effectively without the ability to work as part of an often-changing cast of characters. Much like making a movie.

The Hotel G.M.s’ most basic responsibilities involve overseeing the Hotel’s vision and strategy, so it’s a long-term job that requires someone with confidence. 

The role of Assistant Hotel Managers is different and lower on the hierarchy. Working as an Assistant Manager is one in-depth way to learn about Hotels and it could be a step towards becoming a General Manager.

General Managers oversee staff, including Assistant Hotel Managers. But, good General Manager – Assistant Manager relationships are crucial for any Hotel to run smoothly.

Most Hotel Assistant Managers are specialists who work in a specific department of a Hotel such as Rooms or Food and Beverage. Assistant Hotel Managers’ work can vary greatly from day to day.

In the modern era, Assistant Hotel Managers need to be flexible. Whether or not they hope to become a Hotel General Manager in the future they will need to be skilled in a range of areas, including managing a budget and overseeing assets and resources. 

General Managers are clearly the voice of the Hotel they represent, especially when it comes to high-profile issues, so they need to have some Marketing and Public relations talents.

All Hotel Managers must be skilled communicators, who must feel comfortable being the liaison between the Hotel and the Hotel’s general public.

But perhaps the skill that serves Hotel Managers best is experience. This is where a Hotel Assistant Manager’s skill set truly is going to differ from that of a Hotel General Manager?

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