I had thought the Front Office Team were probably the stupid and lazy ones?

I was asked to stand by her shoulder. Frightened if the truth be told. I was hidden in the corner of the Reception Desk. I could not help but stare at her hands. (carry on reading or watch the video)

Short Nails and perfectly clean. No smell came from her what so ever. Was the Hotel Receptionist a Robot?

Hands, flowing like waves, backwards and forwards, up and down, the hands were perhaps the fastest movement I had ever seen not created by a machine … perhaps she was a machine the way she was moving?

Maybe I would be spending the next three months with a team of Robots on the Hotel Reception Desk?

My Mentor asked the Guest whether they had been happy with their stay?

I was holding my breath … “Yes – thank you – I would like to stay again soon” … I took in breath.

Over the next three hours my Trainer did not bend down or move from the spot she was standing on. She had kicked off her shoes and was working in perfect partnership with her desktop computer.

Her eyes continuously looked forward working in teamwork with her smile to achieve a happy looking face. Non-stop for those three hours she achieved an appropriate face.

Those hands were mechanic in the way they typed and assisted every guest with their Check-out. Never looking down at the keyboard or the guest.

How did she do that? 

Whether the guest was happy or sad, helpful or ignorant, on their phones, talking to colleagues or family. Check-out after Check-out took place quickly and with accuracy. Smiling.

Hotel Receptionists were gaining my respect; she must be something special to do this hour after hour I guessed? All that bad breath. Poor humor. 

I was scared. I knew she was going to ask me to do this soon.

Not today I hoped. How ridiculous. Having to stand up and look happy for so long.

My Supervisor and Mentor came up to me. “Sorry It was so quiet today, maybe we will be busier tomorrow Stephen?”

She looked at my big clumsy fingers and asked me whether I could type and reminded me to sort out my nails and brush my teeth properly tomorrow.

And she continued to smile.

Surely, she was both more effective and efficient than a Robot?

Up until this induction into the Front Office I had thought the Front Office Team were probably the stupid and lazy ones?

Before the first check-out had been completed, I was telling myself, that this, was definitely – not the case ….

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