A Hotel Supervisor in a large Hotel was absolutely satisfied and happy in their life – they scored 8 in the Famous Hotel Supervisor Happiness Scale Research. But, one day they got to know a bit more about their Assistant Hotel Manager: a graduate from a well-known College (read on or watch the video).

The smartly dressed Assistant Hotel Manager stopped and talked with the Hotel Supervisor. The Hotel Supervisor said “my Assistant Hotel Managers get to wear smart, expensive clothes every day. You must be the happiest people in the world?”

The Assistant Hotel Manager who happened to score 6 in the Famous Hotel Supervisor Happiness Scale Research said “Well, I felt I was very fortunate to wear smart, expensive clothes every day until I met my Manager, our Department Manager”.

“They are well educated, good looking and career-oriented. They are also paid more money than I am and they are treated more respectfully and attentively than me. Maybe with more affection too?”

The Hotel Supervisor then approached their Department Manager who happened to score 4 in the Famous Hotel Supervisor Happiness Scale Research.

The Hotel Department Manager explained, “I have lived a happy life. I feel I have been very fortunate to wear smart, expensive clothes every day and to be paid a good wage – until I met my Manager, the Hotel General Manager”

“I only get to be with my Manager for a few hours a week, I get their attention, I learn a few things from them and if they are in a good mood, we carry out some work together”.

“The General Manager is very popular and enjoys an abundance of wealth. Our G.M. is a big name in the Hotel Industry, earns a fortune and also enjoys attention and love from our town’s most powerful business people!”

“I was really happy before I met the Hotel G.M. – I now feel jealous of the Hotel General Manager”.

The Hotel Supervisor then approached the Hotel General Manager and asked if they could speak? The Hotel Supervisor started to cry “You’re so smart, rich and famous. Every day hundreds of people come to see and greet you.”

The Hotel G.M. gave the Hotel Supervisor some tissues from their suit pocket and continued to listen to what the Hotel Supervisor said “People come to me for cups of tea. I do not get any attention from them. They just care about their tea. They come to me and talk about everything with other people and leave.”

Finally, the Hotel Supervisor said with a Tear in their eye, “I am not popular or wealthy, though essentially, we have both been created as human beings. I think you must be the happiest person in the world and I’m not”.

The Hotel General Manager started to cry themselves and replied, “I always thought that I was the most loved and happy person on the planet.” The Hotel Supervisor gave them the Tissues back.

The G.M. continued, “But because of my popularity, I feel trapped. I cannot live the life I want to. I have to wear the mask of the “Senior Hotel Manager” I have become.”

Surprisingly they said, “Sure, I have an abundance of money, popularity, but I am not free. I ‘have to’ behave specifically so I can maintain my image as a Senior Hotel Manager.”

The Hotel General Manager stopped crying and looked admiringly at the Hotel Supervisor, “But you know what, for years, I have been seeing you selling the tea in your lounge. I see that you really enjoy your work. Often, you’re singing a song or you’re having fun along with your customers.”

The Hotel Supervisor got the Hotel General Manager a cup of their finest Tea and the G.M. said “Thanks” and “Whenever I see you, I think perhaps you’re the happiest person on the earth because you’re free and you can do whatever you want?”

Finally, the Hotel General Manager said, “For the past few days, I have been thinking that if I sold Tea like you, I could really do all that I want to, without wearing any masks!!!”

The Hotel General Manager happened to score 2 in the Famous Hotel Supervisor Happiness Scale Research.

The Hotel Supervisor realised from that moment on how truly lucky they were?


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