I recently sat down with two of my Hotelier friends at the end of a tough night and had a debate with them about What were the personality traits of the very best Hotel Managers? (carry on reading or watch the video)

We readily agreed that “Being a Hotel Manager was not always easy, but a positive attitude was the most efficient way to boost morale, gain respect, and survive from shift to shift”.

We decided to offer 8 characteristics needed for a successful Hotel Management career.

Michael suggested being:

  • Innovative Great leadership certainly draws upon the past.
  • Adaptive Things in the Hotel world change fast.
  • Genuine: A genuine leader is one people can count on and trust.
  • Flexible: Being flexible means never getting stuck in a rut.
  • Inclusive: Include all members of the team in key decisions.
  • Trusting: Knowing whom to trust is essential.
  • Humble: Egos cause errors of judgement.
  • Persuasive: This job is about persuading people to be their best.

Richard suggested being:

  • Rational: Much of his job was about logical problem solving.
  • Patient: Making rash decisions too quickly gets you into trouble.
  • Driven: It took clear-sighted ambition to excel in his role.
  • Positive: Negative thinking multiplies in the workplace.
  • Visionary: To succeed, you must have one eye to the future.
  • Candid: Be straightforward in your dealings with everybody.
  • Perceptive: It takes a sharp eye to be great at his work.
  • Communicative: 90% of a manager’s job is communication.

I finally suggested being:

  • Level-Headed: A great manager is a mediator.
  • Compassionate: It takes compassion to gain people’s trust.
  • Calm: Calm inspires confidence and both are essential.
  • Cheerful: Being a pleasure to work with.
  • Understanding: You must be willing to listen and understand.
  • Receptive: It pays tremendously to be open to hearing new ideas.
  • Loyal: Surround yourself with great people and be loyal to them.
  • Empathetic: You must feel what those around you are feeling.

We had another Coffee and finished the evening by agreeing that some people are natural Hoteliers, but Hotel Management is also an acquirable skill that can be developed and practised.

Finally, walking home we agreed that the strongest Hotel Managers were those that knew their strengths and weaknesses and had established realistic, yet attainable, goals that challenged all of their employees.

Next time I meet those two it will be a Movie!

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