When we are in the early parts of our careers as Hotel Managers we often do not achieve what we want to … it is not until much later on that we Reflect upon what might have been our Weaknesses? Some of us never do (carry on reading or watch the video).

Think about it; it is up to YOU to consider if YOU have one of the weaknesses that I talk about over the next couple of days and do something about it:

I Regularly Avoid responsibility when things go wrong and blame others. A real weakness for a Hotel Manager; don’t you think?

I lack self-motivation or am not a self-starter. As a Hotel Manager I too often have to be told what to do, when to do it and how to get it done.

I often lack the ability to express my ideas around the Hotel. You should be willing to give clear and concise instructions to employees.

I Lack follow through. I frequently do not check to see that the instructions I give out have been complied with, that performance standards are met or that objectives have been reached. 

I Fail to develop and maintain a high level of morale with those that I should do. As we know this doesn’t happen over-night; but we know those within our Hotel which are trying and those which are not. Perhaps I should ask for a mentor?

I too often simply identify basic solutions to any problem. As you all know a common issue within our Hotel Industry.

I regularly show up for work; but am regularly unwilling to cooperate with other Hotel Departments or Hotel Managers; as I think my own Hotel Department or Hotel Team is the most important to the Hotel.

If you are a Hotel Supervisor or Manager, think about the areas that I have introduced today and honestly consider your own performance for each of them.

If you are not honest there is no point carrying out the exercise. 

(Part Two Tomorrow)

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