I have spent some time this last month talking to Hotel Supervisors who had started off working in Hotels before gaining their promotion (carry on reading or watch the video).

I am now going to tell you the most often spoken about issues that the Hotel Supervisors wish somebody had told them, which I think you will find interesting:

  1. If you are not friendly, well… learn! Many Hotel Supervisors were surprised how friendly you needed to be a Hotel Supervisor? 
  2. There are no “good” or “bad” people in Hotel Departments, everyone is different and have their own capabilities. A Head of Department is no better than a Hotelier, they are all just different. 
  3. As you get older, time goes faster. This is a cliché, but it’s still true. And it can be scary at times and welcoming at others. 
  4. Give yourself time to plan every day, take time to build your connections and when you have mastered that, you will have more time, flexibility, and control over your life in the Hotel.  
  5. There are lots of pretty smart people in Hotels that no one ever notices. 
  6. Remember that in a Hotel, you can be seen as just one of the fish in a very big pond. So – to get ahead – you need the strength of a network that carries you. This means that you need to have a strong network. 
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask the stupid questions; it’s all about education and growth. 
  8. You must be extremely careful in your communications because of the impact your words have on you both now and a long time into the future.  
  9. Hotel Supervisors were surprised by the volume of people and businesses that the Hotels needed to help them survive; sometimes part of the company and sometimes not. 
  10. Also, how quickly you develop a deep sense of obligations to your team and customers within the Hotel and your Department.

Perhaps the key issue that I learnt was that you need to constantly keep yourself updated – they had entered a world where everything becomes new quickly. 

Why don’t you join in? Tell me using just 5 to 15 words what surprised you most about the World of Hotels when you entered it for the first time?

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