The Hotel Bedroom is evolving, with people choosing to spend more time in there as a way to relax? (carry on reading or watch the video)

Perhaps we should learn to appreciate more about what it is our Hotel Guests want to do in a Hotel Bedroom when they borrow one from us?

I thought about it for a while and surprised myself how important they could be ….

Hotel Guests pay for some space surrounded by walls. Warm. Well lit. With Facilities. But what else provides the value?

Of course, Sleep takes place in our Bedrooms. Ultimately, we need to rest when are a guest away from your own home. The physical rest that takes place in a Hotel Bedroom has to be of a good standard.

While other rooms may carry associations with stress or busy-ness, the Hotel Bedroom is generally a calmer place, making it the perfect place to unwind.

Hotel Bedrooms must provide safety from our lives. Whoever you are, you want time to be alone from the outside world. You might want to talk about life, your struggles and your wildest of dreams. Of course, this could be face to face with a friend or partner or with any other electronic device that you are currently using.

One in three adults say they retire to their bedroom to unwind, with millennials appearing particularly grateful for the calm, as 14% claim it is the only area where they can get some peace and quiet, compared to just 7% of over 55s.

Hotel bedrooms might be the place where intimate conversation and reflection occurs. Some of our deepest conversations have to happen in the confines of our Hotel bedrooms when we are away from home.

Hotel bedrooms provide a place for physical intimacy. Food and Drink might be consumed. People might work in their Bedrooms. It’s an amazing shelter at times.

It’s a place of maximum vulnerability. We clean our teeth, change our clothes and put on your underwear. We brush our shoes. Read. Watch TV or a film. Scroll through a phone. Talk on the phone. Listen to music. Play video games. Read books to children. Exercise.

Is the beauty of a good Hotel bedroom that you can be real and vulnerable and unguarded? In a quiet and safe environment? And, you can do this whenever you want to do so in privacy?

Maybe it is more simple? Regardless of how much money you can afford? How big it is? What the furniture is like? You must wake up in a morning refreshed and relaxed so that your whole day is always off to a great start.

Your Hotel Bedroom plays a key role in getting the sleep your body needs, but remember it’s more than just a room for sleeping …..

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