I never really knew what a Supervisor was when I first started work; I knew they were paid more than me and I knew that they did different things which I wasn’t expected to; but I never really knew precisely what? (carry on reading or watch the video)

Regardless of where you worked within Hospitality – I found Supervisors – they seemed to be generally older than me; but I don’t think they worked harder than the rest of us – they just did things like carry the keys and look after the money?

I once sat down with my Supervisor and asked Jasmin exactly what it was that she did – and she froze…..

I don’t think anybody had ever asked her that question before and it seemed to shock her….. Well, what exactly was it that a Supervisor does then? She thought….

She spent the rest of the week thinking about it whenever she could; what exactly was it that she did that the rest of us did not? What was that she did that justified her extra money? I scribbled down what I thought she did and then asked her opinion – she did not change much.

Jasmin looked into the future far more than us. Maybe only a week or so into the future, but she certainly did worry about the future as well as today. She called this Planning.

Jasmin was the person who should make sure the staff got the job done – not through bullying them – but by making them happy. She used the word motivation here. Making sure we all did what we should do, when we should do it; she said for this she used her Leadership Skills.

Jasmin said that although we would never admit it; if we were not told what to do occasionally, we would not be as efficient and effective as we could be? She liked to refer to this as Organising people.

Finally, Jasmin said she had a Policing role? Whether it was regarding our behaviour, our Hygiene standards, even our coming to work. Somebody had to Control us?

We then sat down and thought in more depth about Jasmin’s Life and the four activities that she said were part of a Supervisor’s daily life – Regardless of where she worked within Hospitality ….

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