Understanding what Hospitality is and isn’t may help us all truly capture that spirit of true Hospitality? (carry on reading or watch the video)

Often today most of us view hospitality as a luxury rather than a necessity. If we are out in a Hotel or Restaurant we pay for Hospitality?

Yet in earlier times in history, Hospitality was an underlying theme of our lives. Past generations would rush to prepare to feed their messengers. Perhaps we have a Confused understanding of Hospitality today?

For some, this type of hospitality comes naturally. As we all know, however, others must learn it. Surely, we all know a person who is perfectly Hospitable?

However, in much of our world, Hospitality is becoming a lost art. Real Hospitality is perhaps finished with for many people?

Remember; Hospitality implies care, shelter; entertainment, on the other hand, for most of us it means something entirely different – a paid for event?

Hospitality is not just entertaining, not just a planned-for event or performance in a Hotel? Hospitality is more than an attitude of service; perhaps conferring care and concern on others?

Recently I believe I have relearned my attitude towards Hospitality; I’ve come to realize that it’s my care that people need. It says that I appreciate you and want to spend time with you. A walk in the park, a coffee, an email or telephone call of encouragement can be a simple extension of my hospitality that people really wish for?

It says, “I’m thinking of you. I care about you.” Whoever we are and whatever our circumstances, we can all find ways to express care and show concern and show our Hospitality. Whether or not we are in a Hotel.

Go on – give it a go!

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