I have recently been looking at what provides Hotel Managers with their greatest worries within their first 12 months of employment ? I also looked at those planning to apply for their first Hotel Management position in the near future what was worrying them? (carry on reading or watch the video)

I found 3 common themes which were by far the most significant amongst both groups of people:

How do I Give Feedback?

Everyone makes mistakes, but it isn’t the Hotel Manager’s job to make the employee feel even worse when they do. Rather, it is their responsibility to provide constructive feedback so that the Hoteliers can learn from mistakes.

Have new Hotel Managers train themselves giving feedback to one another. This can be an opportunity to have fun while practising constructive criticism and it will equip you with some tips on giving feedback.

How will I Manage my Time?

Often, one of the biggest challenges that new Hotel Managers face is the realization that their day will be filled with unexpected interruptions, meetings and other obligations that they did not have before promotion.

To be an effective Hotel Manager, you must have excellent time management to be able to accomplish everything on your to-do list and everything that was unplanned. Start using calendar and diary as soon as possible to put you in the mind-set of always planning your day.

How do I delegate effectively?

When individuals move into Hotel Management positions, they quickly realize that they cannot be involved in day-to-day tactical tasks all of the time and focus on Hotel Management effectively.

Delegation is a critical skill that Leaders must emphasize on to be successful. Being an effective delegator involves trusting employees, communicating effectively and occasionally being a good teacher.

New Hotel Managers will know lots of what they need to know before they start their first or early Hotel Management jobs. However, training and support are important to help in-experienced Hotel Managers to tackle the situations that worry them in their difficult first few months.

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