Perhaps the greatest Hotel Manager I have ever worked for was an International Hotelier based in London? (carry on reading or watch the video)

A Confident Leader who combined real world practical Hotel Management with business management theory – becoming a Great Hotel Manager ….

…. they knew how to structure work perfectly; making sure employees were willing to follow a plan ….

…. explaining any changes that were necessary for the Hotel to achieve their goals and objectives. 

This Hotel Manager had chosen the right people, letting them know what was expected, training them, getting them the materials they needed and creating a good working environment. 

Employees felt like a true Hotel Team and worked as a really empowered team. 

He inspired teamwork.

Our Hotelier let the team become involved in making decisions and really listened to Team members suggestions and ideas. 

This Hotel Manager made it a priority to always acknowledge exceptional work done.

Ahmed would always look at ways to help Hotel Team members grow and always promoted his exceptional employees. 

Ahmed’s team wanted to work hard because they knew that they would be recognised and praised for a job well done. 

Ahmed’s employees worked more efficiently and effectively than any others I had seen.

Basically, Ahmed showed his Hotel Team that he cared about them as real people …. 

…. he got to know them personally and supported them 100% of the time. 

Ahmed was my 25 year old Hotel Supervisor.

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