I wish I understood this before I became a Hotel manager … a human resource manager in a Hotel should have the expertise of a Human Resources generalist combined with general Hotel business and management skills (carry on reading or watch the post).

In large Hotels, human resource managers might report to the human resource director. In smaller hotels human resource functions might be carried out by the Senior Hotel Managers.

Regardless of the size of Hotel, a human resource manager is normally responsible for:

Recruitment and Selection One of the main functions of the Human resource team is to maintain staffing levels. This is a continuous task. Human resource managers are responsible for the recruitment and selection process to ensure that all Hotel Departments always have enough staff. Human resources must know the qualifications necessary to fill specific roles and a general idea of the type of person best suited to each Hotel role.

Compensation and Benefits Human resource managers should provide guidance and direction to whoever within the Hotel ensures that employees are paid their wages. Accounts Team Members may carry out this role in Hotels.

Training and Development A key aspect of a Hotel Human resources department is to facilitate Hotel training. Employee training and development includes new staff training, leadership training and staff professional development. Human resource managers conduct training needs assessments to determine what training is needed and when training is necessary.

Succession Planning Human resource managers carry out succession planning which is ensuring that the Hotel always has the right quality team members available with the right skills and attitudes. A Hotel should not have job vacancies open for long periods of time.

Effective Employee Relations The Human resources department is a liaison between the Hotel and employees. An effective employee relations plan must ensure the Hotel has a safe working environment and is free from discrimination and harassment. Human resource managers will also provide training to employees and managers on Hotel policies. Human resources should ensure that Hotel staff are represented in any decisions that affect them.

Employment law compliance For every Hotel, complying with employment legislation is an important requirement. The Human resources team should ensure the Hotel is keeping in line with workplace laws. This can often be a complex part of their job as laws are continuously changing. Promoting workplace safety is a necessary task in any Hotel.

These responsibilities traditionally make up the main functions of a Hotel Human resources department, however, we’re now seeing a Human resources team becoming more involved in strategic planning. After all, the Hotel Human resources department will often have an incredible knowledge of a Hotel’s greatest asset – its employees.

As a Hotel Manager, particularly in the early stages of your career, understanding that there is probably all this specialist expertise within your Hotel, is surely nothing but an Asset.

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