Today, anyone, anywhere in the world can search your name or Hotel business and find out all about you and engage with your content (carry on reading or watch the video).

Having a professional digital presence is your new first impression. As opposed to the traditional method of meeting someone in person; you may be searched online before a business meeting or job interview.

Simply, you already have No Choice … whether you’re self-employed, employed as part of a Hotel Business or own your own Hospitality Business, people primarily search for you on the internet to find out more information about you before meeting you. If you do not think this is the case. You are living in a bubble.

If you do not make an effort with your Digital Presence … are you Hiding Something? Having no digital presence may make a potential employer or customer doubt who you say you are or think you or your Hotel may be hiding something?

Today, you truly want to be in control of what appears when someone searches for you on-line? As what would your first thoughts be if you searched something or someone online and didn’t find a significant result? Suspicion? Doubt?

Show that you are an authority. That you to be believed and trusted. Creating and sharing (useful) content online helps you become an authority within your industry. This will also help you to keep up with your industry and engage with others. Network on a daily basis.

Producing worthwhile content online is true marketing. Traditional marketing methods that Hotels used – such a print advertising, leafleting or TV commercials only last for a period of time. On-line presence is continuously available. And free.

Setting up a digital presence is easy. Start by planning your audiences. Identify relevant topics and engage in conversations with them. If you don’t take control of your online digital presence, other people will.

Through social media such as blogs, you can share your views and position yourself as an expert. It’s a great tool to expand your networks, “sell” yourself and grow your Hotel Business.

A digital presence is free in most cases – the cost is mostly your time. It’s always online, 24 hours a day, no matter where you live.

As I said – Having a professional digital presence is your new first impression. You simply have NO choice !

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