5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Hotel Manager … (carry on reading or watch the video)

Don’t Aim to be liked. Aim to be Effective. The first inclination of many Hotel Managers is to make sure their Hotel Teams like them. However, you do more for your Hotel and for your Teams when you solve for them: you earn respect and your Team grows professionally.

You can’t Approach Everyone the Same Way. It may seem obvious but taking the time to get to know each Hotel Team member is an advantage. Understanding this means that you can play to peoples’ strengths day by day, particularly when assigning projects and when giving feedback so that people learn.

Your Job Isn’t to Make All the Decisions As a new Hotel Manager it’s easy to believe that running a Team means making all the decisions. Yet, as your Team Progresses, there will be many times when it’s best to allow them to come to conclusions on their own.

Don’t Worry if your Hotel Team doesn’t Always Need You. A scary realisation once I started managing was that my Hotel Team became fine without me. I should have felt elated. I was terrified to begin with. I had a strong Hotel team. Left alone, your Developed Team will manage just fine. It should be excelling.

Leadership Is Not Like it Makes Out in the Books When you were a young worker, before you were in a Hotel Leadership position, you might have imagined it was like a General leading their Army into War. Truth be told, the day-to-day work of a good Hotel leader is not glamorous. Your days will most likely be consumed by meetings, updating projects and answering emails.

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